Winter Storage Tips

Winter may be on its way, and you may already be starting to forget all the hard work that you did at the beginning of the spring to get your boat ready for the season that’s just finished, and wishing you had paid more attention to it over the previous winter. If that’s the case, […]

Boat Diesel Fuel Bug Symptoms and Treatment Tips

Boat diesel fuel bug contamination not only has the potential to be dangerous, starving your boat engine of fuel just when you need it most, but also a frustrating waste of both time and money,  wrecking engines and corroding fuel tanks for both boat and yacht owners.  Unfortunately with the introduction of biodiesel, which provides […]

How To Protect Your Boat From Theft

Make sure that your boat is where you left it! Here a few precautions from Admiral Marine that you can take to protect your boat from theft. DINGHIES 25% of all boat insurance claims received by Admiral Boat Insurance are as a result of theft. Theft from and of dinghies is all too common. As with RIB’s ensure your […]

The Average Cost Of Boat Insurance Increasing Within The Global Boat Insurance Market

In recent years, within the Global Boat Insurance market, we’ve seen the average cost of Boat Insurance increase for the majority of Yacht Owners. As some Yacht Insurance Companies have contracted from the market, we’ve seen as a result a reduction in capacity, competition and therefore an increase in the overall Yacht Insurance Prices. To […]

Admiral Marine – Yacht & Boat Insurance – Visits The Dusseldorf Boat Show 2020

Following the big 50th Anniversary milestone last year for The Dusseldorf Boat Show 2019, it was without question that The Dusseldorf Boat Show 2020, was always going to be firmly in our calendar for a day visit again this year. We very much enjoyed our day at The Dusseldorf Boat Show 2020, especially the efficient public transport […]

The World Cruising Club Announces The ARC Youth Team For The 2019 ARC Rally

On the 24th November 2019 the annual ARC Rally will start from Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, with around 200 Sailing Yachts and enthusiastic sailors from 30 different countries, as part of the world’s largest Sailing Rally Event crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean and finishing in Saint Lucia. As part of the 2019 ARC Rally, the World […]

New Boats & Yachts At The Southampton Boat Show 2019

Last year the Southampton Boat Show 2018, celebrated it’s golden anniversary of 50 years and as one of the biggest Boat Shows in the world, 2019 is set to be another exceptional year with plenty of New Boats & Yachts being exhibited at the Southampton Boat Show 2019. The Southampton Boat Show 2018 Round Up With […]

Admiral Marine – Yacht & Boat Insurance – Unveils Company Re-Branding

Following the recent Acquisition of Admiral Marine – Yacht & Boat Insurance by Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers back in June 2018, the company have been working hard to implement improvements to enhance the business. Admiral Marine – Yacht & Boat Insurance are proud to unveil the company re-branding in-line with the corporate branding of our sister company Hayes […]

Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers Completes Acquisition of Admiral Yacht Insurance

Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers based in Bristol have recently completed the exciting acquisition of Admiral Marine Ltd the company behind the Admiral Yacht Insurance brand. The Founder and Yacht Insurance Underwriter Robert Holbrook setup Admiral Marine Ltd back in 1991 after recognising the requirement for flexible Yacht Insurance that met the needs of both Sailing Yacht and Motor […]