Insuring an ROV

Owning an ROV or AUV comes with a unique set of risks due to operating in rough environments.  Marine equipment can be very expensive to fix so therefore it is vital to have the correct insurance in place. Continue reading to find out why you need to insure you’re marine equipment. What is Marine Equipment […]

Staying Safe and Sailing Around Shipping

The English Channel is classified as the world’s busiest waterway, with an average of over 400 commercial shipping movements a day.  For a yacht under way in the channel, maintaining a good all-round lookout is therefore imperative to remaining safe and sailing around shipping. With its hull silhouetted against the skyline by day, or its […]

UK Hire Boat Code: Important Updates for 2022 

Operating a boat safely is a top priority for naval authorities within the UK. The Hire Boat Code  was created by the Association of Inland Navigation Authorities and the British Marine. Both organisations have announced new revisions to the code to ensure that hiring boats continues safely. The biggest changes come from management procedures, focusing […]

Top 10 Tips for Marina Safety

Storing your boat at a marina allows you to be part of a boating community and also provides benefits such as enhanced security.  However, there are always certain risks within marinas that you should be aware of and safety protocols that you should follow. Check out our top 10 tips for keeping yourself and your […]

How to Look After Your Rigging

Some routine maintenance and simple installation improvements can help you avoid rig failure and a yacht insurance claim. Admiral Marine has a number of tips to guide you: Amongst the most frequent yacht insurance claims are those relating to rig failures, many of which could be avoided. Admiral Yacht Insurance has a few pointers. Vigilance is of […]

What To Do If You Collide With A Moored Yacht While Leaving A Marina

Yachting incidents and accidents arise in a whole variety of circumstances, so to keep it simple we will deal with one of the most common examples – colliding with a moored yacht when leaving a marina as can often happen when visitors are not familiar with local conditions, and marinas are crammed full at the […]

<strong>The Difference Between Institute<br>Cargo Clauses A, B and C</strong>

Institute Cargo Clauses are a component of marine insurance that was originally developed by the International Chamber of Commerce, a body governing businesses across the globe. These clauses were first introduced in 1982, but since then have altered in light of changes in global business, risk and threat levels. These clauses are an integral part of cargo insurance […]

Top 4 Most Luxurious Yachts in the World

Did you know that people in the UK spent more than £1bn on superyachts in 2021? That surge does not seem to be slowing. These days, people are more interested than ever in the yacht life, so we’ve taken a closer look at the top 4 most luxurious yachts available today. Dynamiq GTT 115 Superyacht […]

A Practical Guide to Selecting the Perfect Marina for Your Yacht or Boat

When it comes to owning a yacht or a boat, a key aspect is finding the right place to dock it. There are all sorts of marinas located around the country, but they’re not all necessarily right for you or your boat.   The question is: how do you choose the right marina?    Accessibility  One of […]