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Boat Diesel Fuel Bug Symptoms and Treatment Tips

20 October, 2016

Boat diesel fuel bug contamination not only has the potential to be dangerous, starving your boat engine of fuel just when you need it most, but also a frustrating waste of both time and money,  wrecking engines and corroding fuel tanks for both boat and yacht owners.  Unfortunately with the introdu…

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Boat Fire Extinguisher Tips From The YDSA

06 July, 2016

Admiral Yacht Insurance is pleased to be members of the YDSA and we receive the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association monthly newsletter, which highlights interesting technical topics in the marine world. We spotted Tony Tucker’s useful article on Boat Fire Extinguishers in the June 2016 newslet…

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Staying Safe And Sailing Around Shipping

08 June, 2016

The English Channel is classified as the world’s busiest waterway, with an average of over 400 commercial shipping movements a day.  For a yacht under way in the channel, maintaining a good all-round lookout is therefore imperative to remaining safe and sailing around shipping. With its hull silhoue…

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Before you leave her for the Winter months

11 October, 2015

Before you leave her for the Winter months. A handy end of season checklist from our Claims Manager Bob Samuels at Admiral Yacht Insurance: With the UK and Northern European seasons drawing to a close, now is a good time to take stock with a notepad of everything that needs sorting as you watch her…

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Lash it or lose it

26 June, 2015

Bob Samuels, Admiral Yacht Insurance’s Claims Manager, writes : “We have had some unseasonably strong blows on the South Coast this year and whilst I was out in my Shrimper in Poole last weekend, it was very discouraging to see at least three well found yachts on moorings with the remains of shredde…

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How much is Yacht Insurance in the UK

19 May, 2015

If you are a yacht owner or looking to become a yacht owner then one of the most important things on your list will be yacht insurance and how to ensure that the policy you sign up for fits both your sailing plans and your budgeting requirements. Is it a legal requirement to have Yacht Insurance in…

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How to look after your rigging

12 March, 2015

Some routine maintenance and simple installation improvements can help you avoid rig failure and a yacht insurance claim. Admiral Yacht Insurance has a number of tips to guide you. Amongst the most frequent yacht insurance claims are those relating to rig failures, many of which could be avoided. Ad…

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