How To Protect Your RIB From Theft And An Insurance Claim

How to Protect your RIB Boat from Theft and an Insurance ClaimRIB’s are prime targets for thieves. With less (seemingly) experience needed to operate one than a sailing boat, they can all too easily be hitched up to the back of a car or the engine stolen. Admiral Boat Insurance have a few top tips for prevention of theft and an unnecessary RIB Insurance Claim.

RIB’s and their engines are particularly susceptible to theft, partly because they can be more easily used by anyone, than a sailing dinghy or yacht which needs a certain amount of expertise! Most RIB’s are kept out of the water on a trailer and this makes them easy to be hooked up behind the thief’s car and towed away. All possible measures to stop this happening should be taken including:

  • Store your RIB and trailer in a safe place, off the road.
  • Ensure the trailer has a wheel clamp on it.
  • Try to put an obstacle between the entrance to your driveway and the RIB so it cannot be towed away.
  • If the RIB is on a mooring or a marina pontoon use a sturdy chain or strop to secure it to a cleat or the mooring riser and choose a well lit marina with good security.

Both at sea and on land ensure that the engine is secured:

  • Disable the engine by removing keys, plugs, and cables, especially if the RIB is to be left for extended periods.
  • Secure the engine to the RIB with a locking bolt available from good outboard dealers and chandlers.
  • Remove all loose items.

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