Is the History Supreme Yacht Real?

Is the History Supreme Yacht Real? 

For most boat owners, it’s enough that their boat is sea-worthy, clean, and running smoothly. But for the designer of the History Supreme yacht, a few extras were in order. With the existence of the famous yacht under debate, we delve under the surface to find out if the boat reigns supreme, or if it’s myth is history. 

Why is the History Supreme Yacht So Expensive? 

While a lot of information about the yacht is up in the air, most agree that the high price tag is due not only to its size (a reported one hundred feet in length), but also what it’s made of. The boat is supposedly loaded with precious metals. Gold and platinum were said to be used to line the entire boat. 

How Much is the History Supreme Yacht Worth? 

The boat is listed with a price tag of $4.8 billion, easily making it the most expensive yacht ever to exist. The next most expensive luxurious yacht would be the Eclipse, owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The Eclipse mega yacht is valued at $1.5 billion, making it only a third of the value of the History Supreme. 

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Who Owns the Yacht History Supreme? 

The name most often linked with the History Supreme is Malaysian businessman Robert Kuok. His fortune is currently listed as $11 billion on Forbes. If the boat is indeed real, would someone really spend over a third of their money on it? 

The other name linked to the boat is the reported designer, Stuart Hughes. Hughes is best known for designing luxury gadgets such as solid gold games consoles, or black diamond iPhones. He describes the yacht on his website as having been sold to an anonymous Malaysian businessman, which may or may not be Kuok. 

Inside the History Supreme Yacht 

Other features of opulence on the boat include a T-rex bone mounted on the wall of the master bedroom, along with meteor rock features. The whole interior is decked out with gold and platinum. The dining area, the deck itself and even the boat’s anchor are said to be either solid gold, or gold-lined. 

Does the History Supreme Really Exist? 

While it’s been long discussed online and in boating circles, it seems unlikely the golden yacht actually exists. Whether a deliberate hoax in the industry, or just a rumour that got out of hand, it seems likely that the boat isn’t real. The few existing photos appear to be fake or doctored, and the reported weight of the boat, given all that precious metal, is around 100,000kg. 

Any yacht owner worth their salt could tell you that a boat of that weight would struggle to stay afloat, let alone get you from coast to coast.  

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