Before You Leave Her For The Winter Months

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With the UK and Northern European boating seasons drawing to a close, now is a good time to take stock of everything that needs sorting. You will then have plenty of time to address any issues before the frenzy of getting your yacht back afloat next spring.

End of Season Checklist

  • Have a good look at that mooring strop on the buoy as you leave it for the last time; if it belongs to the yard let them know if you think it’s past its best – similarly the pickup buoy line.
  • Check for gel coat cracks and dings and if you can’t sort them now cover them with tape to keep the rain from the exposed laminate.
  • Have a good look at all your sheets, fender lines, mooring lines, and halyards. Measure any jaded ones needing replacement so that you can take advantage of January Boat Show bargains.
  • Check your life jackets – have the gas canisters come unscrewed and are those you have really still right for the growing grandchildren?  Also remind yourself of the expiry date on the flares and the date for servicing the life raft.
  • Has the tube on your gas bottle reached its replacement date?
  • If your yacht is staying afloat with her engine winterised, is the bilge pump clear of sweetie wrappers and the float switch working?

As you know, a few checks now will make life easier when the sun comes again next Spring.

Yacht Insurance

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