Seas Your Future

Who is Seas Your Future?

Seas Your Future is the trading name of the charity Adventure Under Sail which was formed in 2008 to support the development of young people through sail training.

The charity took ownership of the tall ship, Pelican of London, in 2012 which is used primarily as a sail training vessel for young people in the northern hemisphere during the spring and summer months mainly around the UK and Europe, and during the autumn and winter months on a six-month transatlantic educational voyage.  Read about Pelican of London here.

How can Seas Your Future help your future?

Seas Your Future have successfully built programmes which promote personal growth through sail training, maritime career awareness, and hands-on Ocean Science and environmental conservation activities to help hundreds of people grow and develop new skills and experiences over the years.  The organised voyages help people gain skills such as:

          – Confidence
          – Teamwork
          – Leadership skills
          – Communication
          – Technical sailing skills 
          – Maintenance of ships
          – Domestic skills
          – Safety skills

The study of Ocean Science is a recent addition to the programme. This is an exciting opportunity for people who are passionate about protecting the planet and mitigating the effects of climate change!

If you know of anyone who would benefit from taking part in an incredible life changing experience such as this then get in touch with Seas Your Future.

How has Hayes Parsons helped Seas Your Future?

Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers has provided insurance cover to Seas your Future and has helped them to maintain the safety of Tall Ship Pelican and its passengers.

Hayes Parsons has also recently made a donation to Seas Your Future to help them continue achieving their goals of providing a life-changing experience for young people. The donation will be put towards Pelican of London’s next voyage – Darwin200. The money will fund at least two trainee crew members during this voyage which will travel around the UK as well as travel globally.

We are delighted to be part of such a positive project, and we can’t wait to get updates on the Darwin 200 voyage which will begin later in 2021!