Top 10 Tips for Marina Safety

Storing your boat at a marina allows you to be part of a boating community and also provides benefits such as enhanced security.  However, there are always certain risks within marinas that you should be aware of and safety protocols that you should follow.

Check out our top 10 tips for keeping yourself and your boat safe in a marina this summer!

  1. Keep the deck and walkways clear from personal items to avoid tripping hazards or theft
  2. Avoid slips and trips by wearing non-slip footwear
  3. All crew and visitors should be equipped with personal floatation devices such as life jackets.  Remember to also check your own lifejackets regularly, the RYA recommend annual servicing and this helpful guide provides more information – Look after your lifejacket | Hints and Tips | Cruising Tips | Knowledge & Advice | RYA – Royal Yachting Association
  4. You should invest in a Personal Locator Beacon which, once activated, will send out an emergency alert to the coast guard should you need a swift rescue response
  5. To reduce fire risks, you should always have a fire extinguisher handy and ensure heaters and all electrics are turned off before leaving your boat unattended.  This article from RYA provides more guidance on fire extinguishers.
  6. Ensure that you maintain your gas stove correctly as neglect can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning
  7. Make sure that you and your visitors are aware of the closest exist points in case there is a fire
  8. Be cautious when refueling your boat and remember to notify marina staff of any spillages
  9. Do not swim in the marina, whilst it might be tempting to take a dip, with so many vessels coming and going it is a dangerous environment for swimming!
  10. Take note of the safety rules and set up of your chosen marina and check that the site is well maintained with CCTV in place.  If you are searching for a new marina, don’t forget The Yacht Harbour Association has a useful online marina search facility – Find Your Perfect Marina – The Yacht Harbour Association (

Don’t forget that if your boat has been sat idle during lockdown, you should carry out a full check before getting out on the water.

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