UK Hire Boat Code: Important Updates for 2022 

Operating a boat safely is a top priority for naval authorities within the UK. The Hire Boat Code  was created by the Association of Inland Navigation Authorities and the British Marine.

Both organisations have announced new revisions to the code to ensure that hiring boats continues safely. The biggest changes come from management procedures, focusing on making sure anyone in hire boating understands their responsibilities. Official changes to the hire boat code are planned to roll out over the next 12 months, due to various licensing and registration processes of different areas of the country. Keep reading this blog to find out about all the important changes to the hire boat code coming in 2022.

The Definitive Hire Boat Code

The principles of the hire boat code incorporate safety measures and practices for hiring a boat within Britain’s waterways. The code encourages safe business operations across the country, as it applies in various ways to all types of craft. 

The revised version of the code was first published in 2009, after a recommendation from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch, following a boating incident back in 2003. The latest version of the code includes new stability requirements and safety management procedures for boats.

Within the changes included, the responsibilities of navigation authorities and users get defined. The hire boat code is also referred to as the Code of Practice in some cases.

Other New Changes

Another update to the hire boat code is the improvement of handover procedures before a boat leaves shore – boating has advanced since the code was first created so the procedures required previously are now outdated.

Changes to the code compensate for the changes in boat design, country regulation, and operation of different craft, allowing for the code to still apply with evolving technology and policy.

Knowing how the hire boat code applies has become very important as more people travel through inland waterways. Check out this course provided by the British Marine to help you comply with the new code.

The New Code in 2022

With a stronger emphasis on safety, it’s going to be vital for people using boats to adhere to the new guidelines within the Code of Practice. Doing so will help lead to a better and safer experience travelling on inland waterways.