Winter Boat Storage Tips

Winter may be on its way, and you may already be starting to forget all the hard work that you did at the beginning of the spring to get your boat ready for the season that’s just finished, and wishing you had paid more attention to it over the previous winter. If that’s the case, read on….

Not everyone has the luxury of undercover storage for the winter, but finding a damp free environment will reduce maintenance and parts replacement of a dinghy for years to come.

Before abandoning your boat next winter:

  • Clean the hull, sails and all equipment in fresh water and ensure it is well dried out before putting a cover on
  • Take all moveable equipment out of the boat and store in a dry place
  • Hose off your road trailer and trolley and make sure moving parts are well oiled

If you are leaving your dinghy in a dinghy park over the winter:

  • Ensure it is secured to the ground in case of high winds
  • Attaching lines from shrouds to heavy weights such as waterfilled old metal fuel cans can be effective
  • Ensure all lines and running rigging are removed and replaced with mouselines
  • Keeping the inside of the boat dry will help it to a longer life so make sure your cover is in good condition and properly fitting

Finally, check your yacht insurance. Just because it’s on dry land doesn’t mean an accident can’t happen!