A Practical Guide to Selecting the Perfect Marina for Your Yacht or Boat

When it comes to owning a yacht or a boat, a key aspect is finding the right place to dock it. There are all sorts of marinas located around the country, but they’re not all necessarily right for you or your boat.   The question is: how do you choose the right marina?   


One of the first things to consider about your prospective marina is how accessible it is. Unfortunately, not all marinas provide the same level of accessibility at all hours of the day. Not only do some marinas close at a certain time, but some also make accessibility difficult due to water conditions.  

For instance, when the tide is low, the water level might be too low for some types of boats to utilise. Or the tide might be too strong for you to properly dock your boat.  

We recommend testing a marina out before putting down any of your hard-earned money. You need to be sure that the marina will accommodate your boat as needed. If it doesn’t, you could potentially be wasting a bunch of money on something that hinders you rather than helps you.  

Size of the docking areas 

Another thing you’re going to want to consider is the size of the docking areas. Are they big enough to accommodate your boat? And even if they are, do they provide enough room for your boat to manoeuvre in and out?  

Some marinas will try to squeeze as many boats in as possible, making manoeuvrability a gigantic chore. This leaves their boats more vulnerable to collisions, which could result in substantial amounts of damage.  

For this reason, it’s imperative that you go to the marina and give it a look yourself. You want the fairway of the marina to be at least 1.5 times wider than the length of your boat. This will provide your boat with adequate room to manoeuvre.  

Fixed vs floating 

In general, there are two types of marinas. One of these is a fixed marina; the other is a floating marina. Fixed marinas tend to be older than floating marinas and are generally regarded as the inferior option also.  

Why is this? Because fixed marinas don’t bob up and down with the tides. As such, as the boat bobs up or down, the marina pulls back on it and this has the potential of causing damage.  Floating marinas, on the other hand, do move up and down with the tides.  

So, if you can, find a floating marina. It will be better for your boat in the long run, reducing the overall risk of damage.  


Some marinas are primitive, providing nothing more than, well, a marina. It’s possible to get by with such a marina, but it is a struggle. Instead, you should be looking for a marina that provides amenities like electricity, gas, water, and Wi-Fi.  

After all, there are sure to be things on your boat that need charging. And your boat is sure to need to fill up on fuel from time to time. And water is, well, always necessary in some capacity. Plus, this is 2022; it’s almost impossible to get by without a Wi-Fi signal these days.  

So, consider what types of amenities you’ll require and seek out a marina that provides them.  

Activities around the marina 

It could be the greatest functional marina the world’s ever seen, but if it’s in someone’s backyard pond, it’s not going to be much of a place to dock your boat. Why? Because it won’t provide access to any fun activities.  

After all, your boat takes off from the marina. So, if the body of water it’s in isn’t any fun, then your boating experiences probably won’t be fun either.  

As such, when searching for a marina, you need to find one that provides access to said fun activities. Whether it’s great fishing spots, great swimming spots, great cruising spots, or otherwise, the activities that your marina allows you to do will have a huge effect on its overall value.  


If you drive to the marina to get on your boat, you’re going to need a place to park your car. Unfortunately, not all marinas provide adequate parking.  

This can come back to bite you on those busy boating days.  These are the times when you really want to be on your boat, and if something as silly as not being able to park stops you, you’re not going to be happy.  

Before you choose a marina, make sure that it offers enough parking for everyone . . . or, at least most people.  

Your perfect marina is out there 

Choosing the right marina isn’t always easy, but by using these tips, you’re bound to find one that’s right for you and your boat. Your perfect marina is out there; you just need to do the leg work.  

By the way, if you’re going to be docking your yacht or boat at a marina, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s insured.  Looking to get a new yacht or boat insurance quote?  Admiral Marine is the company to call.  

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