Free time – what to do on the yacht?

Yacht trip is not only about swimming, covering distances, working on sails and lines or docking at the marinas. It is also a lot of free time, which can be spent in many different ways. Today we will tell you what interesting things you can do not to get bored on yacht.

First try developing your crew’s knotting skills. There are many well illustrated books on knotting, and websites complete with animations, to help expand your knowledge. The ability to master rolling hitches and a variety of bowlines could turn out to be a game changer in an emergency; the ability to tie a bowline in the dark by feel could be a lifesaver. For the more adventurous, generating a Turks Head and being able to splice a piece of three strand reliably can be very satisfying.

Secondly, again when there is nothing worth watching on the TV, have a purge of your yacht tool kit and spares box. Oil those sticking pliers, replace that broken spanner or screwdriver that doesn’t quite fit, and that hacksaw deserves a new blade.  Free or discard those rusty shackles, refresh your sealants and adhesives, and check what spare nuts you have available.

Tyraps, stiff wire, several small reels of electrical wire, some new insulating and self amalgamating tape, a range of hose clips and exhaust clamps, some spilt pins, threaded studding with nuts, a good range of self tappers, some Dexion offcuts and a couple of ratchet straps are just some of the things that could help get you to safety when the unexpected happens.