What Does Boat Insurance Cover & Not Cover

If you’re looking for yacht or boat insurance cover, then it’s always good to know in advance what your insurance policy will cover and what won’t be covered. By understanding this, you can make sure you buy the right boat insurance policy for your requirements.

Admiral Marine Ltd have been providing yacht and boat insurance since 1991. We have a team of in-house specialists with decades of sailing and marine insurance experience. We provide bespoke yacht and boat insurance policies to ensure you have the correct level of cover for your yacht, all your equipment, and your sailing plans.

As a starting point, here are some of the key inclusions and exclusions for boat insurance:

What Does Boat Insurance Cover…

  • Loss or damage to the insured Yacht or Boat – including accidental damage.
  • Loss or damage to the Yacht or Boat’s Dinghy or Tender.
  • Loss or damage to your Trailer (Value as stated in your Boat Insurance Policy).
  • Alternative accommodation costs whilst the Yacht or Boat is temporarily uninhabitable (Value as stated in your Boat Insurance Policy).
  • Personal property (Value as stated in your Boat Insurance Policy).
  • Third Party Liability – Where held legally liable for injury or property damage to third parties (Value as stated in your Boat Insurance Policy).
  • Personal Accident – Certain injuries with benefits up to a certain value (Value as stated in your Boat Insurance Policy).
  • Emergency Medical Expenses (Value as stated in your Boat Insurance Policy).

What Does Boat Insurance Not Cover…

  • The Yacht or Boat being in an unseaworthy condition.
  • Wear and tear or depreciation or the ordinary action of the wind and waves.
  • Corrosion, rot, rust, mildew, dampness or weathering.
  • The wind to the Yacht or Boat’s protective covers and sails whilst hoisted.
  • Theft of insured property which are either not securely fastened to the Yacht or Boat or within a locked compartment on board.
  • Theft of outboard motors unless securely locked using an anti-theft device.
  • Wilful misconduct or recklessness by you or other persons in control of the Yacht or Boat (including whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs).
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • The Yacht or Boat operating outside the cruising area shown in the Boat Insurance Policy.
  • Certain Boat Insurance Claims under Personal Accident (such as suicide).
  • Any other specific exclusion or limitation shown in your Boat Insurance Policy.

The above inclusions and exclusions are a brief guide as to what boat insurance will cover and will not cover. This information has been taken from our Insurance Product Information Document as listed on our Downloads page and it includes additional information as follows:

Are There Any Other Restrictions On Boat Insurance Cover…

  • The excess (the amount you have to pay on any Boat Insurance Claim).
  • Clauses that exclude certain types of loss or damage.
  • Boat Insurance Companies will not pay more than the sum insured or limits shown in your Boat Insurance Policy.
  • Personal property single article limit unless specified (Value as stated in your Boat Insurance Policy).

What Are Your Boat Insurance Policy Obligations…

  • You must take reasonable care to make sure all information provided by you is honest and accurate whether you’re taking out, renewing or making changes to your Boat Insurance Policy.
  • Check your Boat Insurance Policy documentation. Please tell your Boat Insurance Company immediately, if the information set out in the Yacht Insurance Quote or Boat Insurance Policy issued, needs to be changed.
  • You must observe and fulfil the terms, provisions, conditions and clauses of your Boat Insurance Policy and failure to do so could affect your Boat Insurance Cover.
  • You must tell your Boat Insurance Company about any event which might lead to a Boat Insurance Claim as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for more information on What Does Boat Insurance Cover & Not Cover, then recently Admiral Marine and one of its long term partner’s the World Cruising Club, teamed up to provide the following Videos covering many frequently asked questions and answers:

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We very much hope that the above information helps explain What Does Boat Insurance Cover & Not Cover. Every Boat Insurance Company, offers different inclusions and exclusions and its always important to double check, what coverage your Boat Insurance Policy provides you.

The Admiral Marine – Yacht Insurance & Boat Insurance Policy, protects your Yacht or Boat, Tender, Outboard Motors, Gear and Equipment, against loss of damage. It also includes Third Party Boat Insurance Cover for costs you are legally responsible for due to injury or damage caused to other parties, as described in our Policy Wording.

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