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Boat Insurance Top Tips

Bob’s Top Tips for Sailing Safe – Look Out

16 April, 2013

Robert Holbrook, Managing Director of Admiral Yacht Insurance, is well placed to consider not only his own lessons from crossing the Pacific but also those accumulated by Admiral’s policyholders during their own adventures across the globe.  Many of the lessons learnt are as relevant in the Solent a…

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Danger of Piracy – ISAF Guidelines for Yachts

30 October, 2012

Owing to a recent rise in piracy in the Gulf of Aden, Yemeni and Somalia and the consequent high risk, the essential advice to yachtowners is not to enter this area. However, for many boatowners including participants in organised rallies, this is their route back to Europe following a circum-naviga…

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Winter Storage Tips

09 October, 2012

Winter may be on its way, and you may already be starting to forget all the hard work that you did at the beginning of the spring to get your boat ready for the season that’s jsut finished, and wishing you had paid more attention to it over the previous winter. If that’s the case, read on…. Not ev…

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How to Protect your RIB from Theft and an Insurance Claim

10 November, 2010

RIB’s are prime targets for thieves. With less (seemingly) experience needed to operate one than a sailing boat, they can all too easily be hitched up to the back of a car or the engine stolen. Admiral Boat Insurance have a few top tips for prevention of theft and an unnecessary RIB Insurance Claim….

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Quality Yacht Insurance Cover versus Cheaper Premiums

19 October, 2010

When making any purchase, price is always an important factor but it is a sign of experience when we stop and take the time to consider paying that little bit extra for quality of yacht insurance cover and a superior service? Rather than a necessary evil, the right yacht insurance policy could prove…

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Quick Guide to Caribbean Lay Up

25 August, 2010

Admiral’s approach to providing hurricane yacht insurance cover throughout the Caribbean is one of common sense and flexibility. We have prepared a Quick Guide to Caribbean Lay Up illustrating both the best case scenario and our minimum requirements if you lay your boat up ashore. This is one of a n…

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Limitation of liability – recent developments

22 July, 2010

Since the 18th century, shipowners have had legal protection limiting their liability to claims arising from use of their vessels. This was because trading on the high seas was thought to expose owners to excessive and potentially uninsurable risk and this warranted protective measures. These rules…

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Named Windstorm Yacht Insurance Cover – Questions and Answers

14 July, 2010

Admiral Yacht Insurance has been providing yacht insurance including hurricane cover for boats in the Caribbean since 1992. After every major hurricane, many insurers withdraw from the area or impose restrictions to cover insisting the boat remains north or south of the hurricane area. Admiral Yacht…

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How To Protect Your Boat From Theft

23 June, 2010

Make sure that your boat is where you left it! Here a few precautions from Admiral Boat Insurance that you can take to protect your boat from theft. DINGHIES 25% of all boat insurance claims received by Admiral Boat Insurance are as a result of theft. Theft from and of dinghies is all too common. As…

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